Deck the Halls with Boughs of Succulents

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Succulent lovers, now is the time to shine! Create holiday decorations that rise above the rest by incorporating cuttings into your decor. Here's how.


DIY Succulent Ornaments

Ornaments are the easiest succulent projects! You can craft them out of different containers. 

Below, last year's open house craft--the jelly jar succulent ornament.


Succulent jelly jar ornaments

 These are Douglas Fir cones painted gold and adorned with cuttings. 

This year we're making mini gardens in terra cotta pots, mixing air plants and succulents for extra texture.

Here's a larger pine cone ornament with succulents and air plants. Attach a thin wire for hanging.

Succulent christmas decoration

Projects with Cuttings

The succulent tree is a much bigger financial commitment! It takes quite a lot of cuttings to cover one of these, but you can display it all winter and then plant the cuttings in the spring.


Succulent Swag

Jazz up your traditional holiday greenery swag with some brightly colored echeveria cuttings. 

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