Alternative Floral Arrangements from the Landscape

Succulents can be enjoyed in many creative ways, and perhaps the most uncomplicated and enjoyable is taking cuttings from the landscape to make floral arrangements for the home. Don't limit yourself to rosettes--using leaves and flower buds can be an unexpected and exquisite addition to floral arrangements. In addition, designing arrangements with unconventional materials expands the appreciation for multiple uses of landscape plants.
I encourage you to create a floral arrangement with succulent leaves, flowers, and cuttings from the garden inspired by the designs made at the nursery, shown below.

Small arrangements can be clustered on an outdoor table while entertaining. Guests won't be able to help but comment on the playful shapes and colors.

Tillandsia xerographica leaves add a whimsical element and are neutral with many color palettes. 

An Aeonium inflorescence, prior to fully opening, offers captivating texture.

Aeonium 'Blushing Beauty' mimics a red rose in this arrangement but will last much longer than traditional flowers. 

Agave attentuata leaves line the inside of a larger vase to tastefully cover the stems and creates an additional texture. A leggy Delosperma nubigenum serves as a charming, cascading element.  

Fuzzy Kalanchoe beharensis foliage balances the proportion of the large Aloe striata inflorescence and adds a soft texture to touch. Aloe arborescens variegata leaves become a spiky and curly filler.

Happy designing! ~Allana 

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