Current Favorites at the Nursery

Summer is quickly approaching at Succulent Gardens and our succulents are starting to color-up with rising temperatures. 

Here's a quick look at our current favorite crops at the nursery. 


Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick' and Kalanchoe luciae are bright red in a full-sun container garden. 

Echeveria pulvinata now available in 2 gallon pots. When placed in full sun, "Chenille Plant", turns burgundy-red with bright orange flowers. 

Senecio vitalis 'Mermaid Tail' available in 5 gallon pots. 'Mermaid Tail' is the crested form of Senecio vitalis and is widely sought after. 

Mangave 'Tooth Fairy' available in 2 gallon pots. The spines or "teeth" on this cultivar vary in color from yellow to purple to orange. 


 Crassula pellucida ssp. marginalis 'Variegata' available in 6" pots. A bright pink, and variegated hanging plant or groundcover that turns hot pink in sun. 

Aeonium 'Lily Pad' available in 2" pots. This cultivar is named for having very flat rosettes. We love these chunky leaves. 

We are bringing in new crops weekly, so be sure to stop by the nursery to pick out something new. We are open everyday from 9am-3pm and hope to see you soon.

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