Tillandsia and Moss Frame with Simone

Our latest display feature is the Tillandsia and Moss Frame. 

Tillandsia can be displayed in many ways, indoors and out. With the use of dried botanicals, shells, and different mosses, you too can create a high-texture art piece to display at home. 

How it was made:

For the frame, Simone used a reclaimed wood shadow box made by Alibi Interiors. She hot glued driftwood pieces to create the first layer of dimension. She then filled in the background by hot gluing sheet moss. A second layer of lichen-covered oak branches and abalone shells create tiny pockets for Tillandsia to live. A dried Euphorbia flanaganii (Medusa's Head), dried lotus pods, and Eucalyptus pods create additional texture. Colored reindeer moss, parmelia lichen, and wolfen lichen add natural color and texture to the design. She finished the frame by placing curly Tillandsia xerographica, Tillandsia juncea for height, and smaller varieties for filler. 

Designer Questions: 

What was your favorite part about making this display?

"Finding the most unique, natural pieces that I could put in there. Any kind of pod, or wood or moss is so fun to use."

Can you tell us how you decided to use these materials?

"I love using anything natural, colorful and full of texture."

Can you offer any tips for those who want to create their own?

"Go foraging!" 

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