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Spring is here at Succulent Gardens! Our greenhouse is fully stocked with colorful and healthy succulents for spring planting. Check out our staff favorites in stock at the nursery. 

Columnar Cacti

Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro Cactus) 5 gallon pot

A Succulent Garden's favorite! Bees love to visit the large, white and pink flowers. A fast-grower, eventually reaching up to 20' tall. 


Pilosocereus azureus (Blue Torch Cactus) 4" pot and square pot

The spectacular blue, vertical stems will surely stand out in the garden like no other. A fast-grower, Blue Torch Cactus grows 1-2' per year, eventually reaching 12' at maturity. 


Fun and Popular in the Cactus Corner

Euphorbia flanaganii (Medusa's Head)

A peculiar form, Medusa's Head at maturity grows into swirly stems which are covered in bright yellow blossoms. Plant in a pot with a face for a garden Medusa!

Euphorbia xanti (Baja Spurge)

Native to Baja, this Euphorbia is covered in cherry blossom-like flowers in spring and fill the air with a strong floral fragrance. 

Pedilanthus breacteatus (Slipper Plant) 5 gallon pot

We planted two Slipper Plants at House 1 entrance and it seems they are always in bloom! We are frequently asked if we have them in smaller sizes than a 15 gallon, and now is your chance to snag a 5 gallon pot. 

Interesting Indoors 

Aloe haworthioides (Haworthia Leaved Aloe)

Covered in small white hairs, this peculiar Aloe is named for it's resemblance to Haworthia. Place in a bright windowsill to illuminate the hairs for a dramatic effect.

Peperomia axillaris  

This indoor or shade-loving plant has a translucent stripe in the leaf which acts as a window to allow light into the plant. The chartreuse and waxy foliage will surely brighten up your desk or bathroom windowsill. 

Tillandsia queroensis

A rather large and unusual looking Tillandsia, this species quickly branches from the sides and drapes downwards. Place in a sunny window and completely submerge in water once a week for 4-6 hours to watch it grow. 


Back in stock: Jade Bean Pebble and Aqua Glass

We are open to the public to shop 7 DAYS A WEEK from 9:00am-3:00pm. Happy planting!

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