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Echeverias in spring!

March 10, 2017

  As we get deeper into the spring season, watering and fertilizing becomes important to help foster healthy growth. It is, however, important to keep an eye on the weather. Do not water when the soil is wet or when the daytime highs fall below 55F. Always be wary of the possibility of frost, and protect plants if needed. Because they are pushing out new growth, the new tender leaves being produced at the central growth point is more vulnerable to frost damage.

Bulletproof Succulents for California Gardens

February 01, 2017

Not all succulents are created equal, and some are simply not suited for long-term landscape functionality due to sensitivity to frost or heat, or to high care requirements. Here is a list of some tough succulents that have been proven to succeed in a California landscape.

How to Make a Propagation Mandala

June 08, 2016

This propagation mandala is a fun way to display your cuttings while they root.
How to Plant a Succulent Shot Glass

May 03, 2016

Learn how to plant your own succulent shot glass favors for weddings and special events.

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