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Subspecies, Varieties and Cultivars

May 22, 2017

With such a diverse array of succulents out in the marketplace these days, proper taxonomy and identification often gets overlooked. Succulent identification confusion exists even amongst experienced horticulturalists, and plants might leave a nursery mislabeled or even unlabeled.

May 10, 2017

Lithops is a genus of succulent plants from the family Mesembranthemaceae, endemic to arid regions of Southern Africa. Some common names include "Living Stones", or "Split Rocks", though these names can also apply to other genera of "mesembs", like Lapidaria, Pleiospilos or Argyroderma. 
Medicinal Succulents

May 10, 2017

Many people turn to succulents for their plant therapy, but succulents can be used for more than our emotional well-being.  Succulents have long been used to soothe and heal.
Propagation: Grafting

April 28, 2017

Grafting is propagating a plant by taking a cutting and uniting it with the base of a more vigorous species. In this video, we used Cleisteo cactus as the scion (top part). Most Echinopsis will be suitable for the root stock (base).

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