Hardy Succulents

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Hardy SucculentsPictured above:

Jovibarba 'Purple Haze'
Sedum acre
Sempervivum soboliferum

Hardy Succulents

These succulent families all have members that survive well in temperatures down to 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit, or lower. All succulents need good drainage to make it through the winter. If your temperatures hover on the edge of the plant's requirement, you can always plant a container like the one pictured, and move it inside for a couple of days.

Seeking hardy succulents? Start here.

Genera with some hardy varieties:

Genera with many hardy varieties (and some species):
Aloe polyphylla
Jovibarba heuffleii
Echeveria agavoides

Go-To Hardy Succulents Book

The best book about hardy succulents currently available is Hardy Succulents by Gwen Moore Kelaidis and Saxon Holt. 

The book profiles different plant groups and details how to plant hardy succulent container gardens and hardy succulent landscapes. 

There's a section on protecting succulents from winter cold, as hardiness varies from plant type to plant type. 

It's always best to start by planting varieties that are hardy in your area, but every garden experiences unexpected cold snaps that require covering plants or moving them inside. 


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