Kokedama at Succulent Gardens

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Our friend Baylor Chapman, of Lila B. Design introduced us all to the art and craft of kokedama at Succulent Extravaganza last fall.


Kokedama means "moss ball" in Japanese. It is a style of bonsai gardening used to display plants by suspending the sphere shape by string or yarn. We like to think of kokedama as "living pots." 

We are now excited to be introducing kokedama succulents here at the nursery.

Kokedama design is a great way to incorporate your favorite succulents indoors, outdoors, or for a show-stopping element at a party or event. Kokedama also can be useful for propagating all those loose cuttings you have sitting around the house.

Kokedama How-To

To practice the kokedama technique you need soil, moss, your plant of choice, and string or yarn.

Grab some succulents and a little soil, and gently wrap a thick layer of moss around the roots and bottom portion of the plant.

Cup your hands and gently pack the moss, plant and soil into a sturdy ball shape.

Once you have your desired shape, grab some string or yarn (get creative here: the sky is the limit with your design!) and wrap the little ball up so your kokedama feels secure.

Add a small wire hook or keep a long yarn string to hang your little living art anywhere!

Caring for Kokedama

Kokedama cacti

Revolutionary! But the horticultural rules apply.

Depending on the plant ­type, bright, indirect light is best, and keep an eye out for stretching due to low light conditions.

To water, just soak in a bowl and hang to dry.

You can water with a bit of your favorite fertilizer, diluted down to 1⁄4 strength through the growing season.

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