Building a Succulent Pyramid with Ross Landscape Construction

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Ross landscape Construction based in Santa Cruz specializes in creative wood work and hardscapes, including flagstone, pavers, decks, arbors, retaining walls, and rock work. You first got acquainted with their stellar work during the Succulent Extravaganza. They worked with Julia Bell and our crew to create some gorgeous walls around the nursery. 

Owner Josh Ross says "We love working with Succulent Gardens because they give us the creative freedom to build fun projects that they can bring to life with the beautiful colors of succulents!"

Working on the Echeveria Extravaganza Rock Walls

Rock Wall with Planting Pockets

Creating a Succulent Pyramid

We were excited to participate in the Filoli Flower Show this spring. Our entry was the Temple of the Jaguar.

Julia Bell designed this in collaboration with Josh and Ross Landscape Construction. It was a large project to build in a short amount of time! Josh says, "I came up with the idea to build the pyramid using the stair stringer frame concept. I knew that we would have to install, take it apart and transport it in a timely fashion."

He continued, "Our challenge was to create a structure that could hold a lot of weight and support us climbing up and down to plant it. Also we needed to hide the wood framing and 4" plastic pots. With all the right math and Julia's creative plant use it worked out amazingly! We fully enjoyed building the pyramid with Julia for SG. We love Julia's creative ideas and helping her bring it to life."

Building a Succulent Pyramid Step by Step






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