Succulent Extravaganza 2012!

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Succulent Extravaganza is almost here and we have a fantastic schedule of events lined up for you! From nursery tours to stellar seminars to demonstration tables and the fabulous free Friday evening Bar-B-Q, you're sure to have an excellent time and learn a lot at this second annual event. 

Schedule at a Glance

For more detailed information, including seminar descriptions, menus, and more, please scroll down to the details section. 

Friday, September 28, 9am-4pm, Bar-B-Que 4pm-6pm

9:00 am: Garden tour with Brian Kemble, Coffee and Donuts available

10:15 am: Debra Lee Baldwin -- "Design Projects with Succulents"

11:00 am-2:00 pm: Lunch available for purchase

11:45 am: Baylor Chapman of Lila B Design -- "Combining Succulents & Florals: from Garden to Vase to Garden Again"

1:15 pm: Flora Grubb -- "What is next for Succulents?"

3:00 pm: David Leroy -- "Succulents in Contemporary California Landscapes"

4:00 pm-6:00 pm: Bar-B-Que

All Day: Information Tables, Pickup Tours from Robin, Retail Area open (CASH AND CHECK ONLY)


Saturday, September 29, 9am-4pm 

9:00 am: Garden tour with Brian Kemble, Coffee and Donuts available

10:15 am: Debra Lee Baldwin -- "Companion Plants for Succulents"

11:00 am-2:00 pm: Lunch available for purchase

11:45 am: Rebecca Sweet -- "Harmony in the Garden - Incorporating Succulents into Everyday Gardens" 

1:15 pm: Casey Lyon -- "Using Succulent Plants on Green Roofs"

3:00 pm: Jarrod Baumann -- "Unique Design Ideas incorporating Succulents into Art & Sculpture"

All Day: Information Tables, Pickup Tours from Robin, Retail Area open (CASH AND CHECK ONLY)

The Extravaganza Ends at 4pm SHARP!


Event Details

Don't miss a thing! Here's what you need to know to fully enjoy Succulent Extravaganza!

Event Hours

Friday, September 28, 9am-4pm, Bar-B-Que 4pm-6pm

Saturday, September 29,  9am-4pm Ends promptly at 4pm.


Open all day both days. 

Cash or check ONLY!

Speakers and Seminars


Brian Kemble, Curator of the Ruth Bancroft Garden

9:00 am Garden walks through the Succulent Gardens Nursery.  

Brian Kemble has been involved with The Ruth Bancroft Garden since 1980. He is highly regarded in the horticultural world and lectures in this country and in South Africa on the Agave family, Aloes, Bromeliads, the history of The Ruth Bancroft Garden and other horticultural topics. Kemble has a B.A. in Philosophy from Antioch College. His work has been in the area of horticulture since 1976, including garden design and installation, tree trimming and garden maintenance. Brian's work for The Garden has included hybridizing of aloes, agaves, and some South American cacti. Brian has traveled extensively in Mexico and South Africa, studying and photographing plants in their native habitats.


Debra Lee Baldwin

10:15 am:  "Design Projects with Succulents"

From clever gifts that take mere minutes to make to special-occasion centerpieces, garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin shows how top designers and florists use succulents in fresh, exciting and occasionally astonishing ways. Debra's presentation has great take-away value, and is sure to expand and simplify how you design with succulents.

Debra Lee Baldwin gardens on "an inhospitable half acre" in the foothills of Southern California, where temperatures range from below freezing to 110 degrees. As an award-winning garden photojournalist and scout for major magazines, Debra developed an appealing and sophisticated design aesthetic; as a dirty-fingernails gardener, she knows what works and what doesn't. Debra authored the Timber Press bestsellers,"Designing with Succulents" and "Succulent Container Gardens", and has a third book in the works, "Succulents Simplified". She shares her passion for "plants that drink responsibly" via newsletters, videos, social media and more. Find out what she's up to on Facebook and at



Baylor Chapman of Lila B Design

11:45 am: "Combining Succulents & Florals: from Garden to Vase to Garden Again"

Ever wonder how to incorporate Succulents from your garden into fabulous floral arrangements? After a few nifty 'how to' tips (including basic mechanics and design theories) provided in this demonstration, you'll be able to compose a beautiful floral arrangement with ease. That's it? Not yet. What now? Learn how to re-plant your succulents so they'll live on and on after the ephemeral cut florals fade. Viola! Your Succulents made it from garden to vase to garden again.

As founder and principle designer of Lila B. Design, Baylor brings over ten years of experience and a warm smile to garden and floral design.  Before creating Lila B. Design in January 2007 she was part of a team of talented gardeners at an ecologically minded private estate while completing UC Berkeley Extension's Garden Design Program.  Her work has been featured in publications such as Sunset Magazine, California Home + Design, and Brides Magazine.

Now, when Baylor is not knee deep in flowers, listening to clients, and translating ideas to designs, you can find her scouring plant nurseries seeking new varieties to share.

Baylor is perpetually invested in the process of envisioning things in new way- using relationship and circumstance to showcase the spectacular nature of both the ordinary and extraordinary. Her approach is personal and her eye for combining living things in arresting color combinations is impeccable.

(Photo courtsey of Lisa Leigh Photography)


Flora Grubb, Flora Grubb Gardens

1:15 pm "What is next for Succulents?"

The incredibly creative staff at Flora Grubb Gardens work with their  Bay Area clients to use succulent in new ways, weaving them into gardens both modern and traditional. Now that succulents have captured the imagination of the gardening public, what is next? What new trends will we see involving succulents in the coming months?

San Francisco nurserywoman Flora Grubb has converted gardeners, urban planners, and designers in California and worldwide to her cause of making lavishly beautiful landscapes that require minimal water and chemicals. Her artful Bayview District nursery, Flora Grubb Gardens, has become a gathering place for design-driven gardeners and who are pursuing a wiser use of resources. Complemented by a shop with outdoor furniture and garden-related gifts and books, Flora's nursery hosts garden- and art-related events and invites visitors to linger at an in-house branch of Ritual Coffee Roasters.



David Leroy, Bernard Trainor and Associates

3:00 pm "Succulents in Contemporary California Landscapes"

At Bernard Trainor and Associates we incorporate succulents into our planting designs to enhance the aesthetic and the ecological qualities of the contemporary landscapes we design.  Specific BTA projects will be presented to illustrate the wide range of applications for succulent plants in both urban and rural landscapes throughout Northern California.

David LeRoy has over 15 years experience designing and constructing landscapes in California.  A graduate with an AS honors degree in Horticulture and a BS in Community Studies, David has worked in nurseries in the US and abroad, taught classes, installed public and private installations and led garden tours while receiving awards for his landscape designs. "I see the landscape as an interwoven fabric, the strands representing the people, plants, structures, and the natural world, all interdependent and constantly in a state of flux.  That complex equation makes this work a constant source of inspiration."


Brian Kemble

9:00 am Garden walks through the Succulent Gardens Nursery. (Please see Friday description for Brian's bio.)

Debra Lee Baldwin

10:15 am "Companion Plants for Succulents"

Award-winning garden photojournalist and bestselling author Debra Lee Baldwin shares her 25 favorite companion plants for succulents. Debra shows these textural, waterwise companions in gardens and containers, along with succulents that range from ground covers to big agaves. Discover how to use these beautiful combos in your own garden!

Please see Friday listing for Debra's bio.

Rebecca Sweet, Harmony in the Garden

11:45 am "Harmony in the Garden - Incorporating Succulents into Everyday Gardens"

Have you ever strolled through a garden and let out an audible sigh? What you're experiencing is 'harmony' at work - when everything seamlessly blends together to create an overall desire to linger just a little bit longer. California-based landscape designer and author Rebecca Sweet will show how easy it is to introduce succulents into a traditional garden in ways you may not have thought of before. Learn the art of weaving together simple design principles such as color, texture and form to transform your garden into a rich and layered tapestry.

Rebecca Sweet is a garden designer with her design firm Harmony In The Garden, located in Northern California. Her gardens have been featured in Fine Gardening, Horticulture, Women’s Day, Country Living and American Gardener as well as many regional newspapers and publications. Rebecca and her gardens have also been featured on the critically acclaimed PBS series Growing a Greener World and has been a radio guest on GardenLife and Martha Stewart Living.

In addition to designing gardens, Rebecca is co-author of the best-selling Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces. Rebecca also shares her secrets to successful garden design in her column ‘Harmony in the Garden’, in Horticulture Magazine. Read Rebecca’s blog at View her design portfolio at

Casey Lyon

1:15 pm Casey Lyon -- "Using Succulent Plants on Green Roofs"

Succulent plants have been seen on the rooftops of the rich and famous, on garden sheds across the country, on rooftops of some high-fashion boutique shopping centers, government buildings, airports, and on top of the largest, most visited green roof of California--and in many, many more places. Succulent plants and rooftops go together like sedum and jelly beans. They have a synergistic balance in a rooftop setting, making them the perfect rooftop garden plants. Learn about the benefits of using succulents on green roofs, see the local native succulents, and take away from plant palette recommendations, including companion plants.

Jarrod Baumann

3:00 pm "Unique Design Ideas incorporating Succulents into Art & Sculpture"

Jarrod Baumann will be discussing design concepts that Zeterre has come up with in design studies for clients which utilize succulents.  Some of these concepts have been built and others remain on sketch paper.  Our presentation will be sure to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to think outside the box of tradition.  We will also be unveiling during our presentation a new living sculpture and concept.

Jarrod Baumann is the founder and principal Landscape Architect at Zeterre Landscape Architecture. As such, he has been responsible for the design and creative direction as well as the overall operation of the firm since it opened in 2007. To accomplish this, Jarrod draws upon his 14 years of experience developing projects ranging from urban residences to massive civic parks, as well as his time at Cal Poly Pomona under the tutelage of such greats as Andy Cao and Takeo Uesugi. In addition, his work has afforded him the opportunity to travel throughout Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, the United Kingdom, and France, studying gardens and concepts that he utilizes in his work on a daily basis.


Information Tables

Monterey Bay Cactus and Succulent Society - These folks will be located in greenhouse 1 and will be available to explain the benefits of membership. They will also be fielding succulent questions as best they can.

Monterey Bay Master Gardeners - We rely on the Moneterey Bay Master Gardeners for all of their generous volunteer time that allows us to put on this event. They will have a booth in Greenhouse #1 to answer questions about the Master Gardener program.

Succulent Bouquets -  Shannon Iliescu will be demonstrating succulent bouquet making in Greenhouse 1. Learn how to create beautiful masterpieces from your garden plants.


Garden Tours

Brian Kemble, Curator at the Ruth Bancroft Garden will be leading tours around the Nursery on Friday and Saturday at 9 a.m. both days.

Robin will be giving impromptu tours each day. These 20 minute tours will highlight different aspects of the nursery including the living murals, landscaping with succulents, vertical gardening, plant selection, and more.



Friday and Saturday

Breakfast Starter: Coffee and Donuts

Available to the early birds! (Free)

Moss Landing's Steamin' Hot coffee will feature Surf City Coffee's Great White Blend and we'll have fresh donuts from Watsonville's local donut maker. 

Lunch for Purchase: Taquitos Nayarit

A local Castroville business that makes delectable tacos will be selling their tacos Friday and Saturday from 11 to 2. They will be set up near Greenhouse number 1. Be sure to bring cash!

Friday Bar-B-Que - 4-6pm

Free while food lasts


Haute Enchilada Tamales: Our local favorite, Kim Solano's Haute Enchilada restaurant in Moss Landing, will be supplying two types of tamale. The cheese and artichoke tamales made with locally grown artichokes are so good and they go fast. The pork tamales are yum yum yummy!

Bar-B-Que'd Corn on the Cob: This delicious corn is basted with extra virgin olive oil and grilled. Our good friend Ernie Tavella will be roasting the corn again this year.

Bar-B-Que'd Hamburgers: Enjoy burgers with all of the toppings including our friend Bernard's locally made Saucy Wench Bar-B-Que sauce. There will be Tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, and lettuce available to build your own burger.

Locally Brewed Beer: For those 21 and older - 1066 Pale Ale and Big Sur Golden Lager from a Monterey Bay Brew Pub.




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