From Seed to Spectacular: Succulent Production at the Growing Grounds


Succulent propagation isn't all about cuttings! We actually grow several varieties of succulents from seed collected from our plants here at the nursery. Here's a peek behind the production at Succulent Gardens for two popular plants. 

Dudleya brittonii

This seed flat was sown in the fall and it is now January.


These seedlings were transplanted about three weeks ago from a seed flat and are beginning to grow now that their roots have developed in the pots they are in.

Dudleya larger seedlings

Mature Dudleya brittonii in bloom. Within a couple of months the seed will be dry enough to harvest. The seed is very small and like a fine powder.

Dudleya in mature landscape

Aloe polyphylla

Seeds of Aloe polyphylla were sown in fall of 2012. This picture was taken 4 months later.


This Aloe polyphylla was grown from seed and is about 7 years old. The plants to the left of it are in one gallon cans and are about two years old.

Seed Grown Aloe Prophylla

Below: Seed-propagated Aloe polyphylla in the landscape at Succulent Gardens.

Aloe polyphylla in landscape

Photo by Sara Shoemaker Lind

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