How to Make a Propagation Mandala

Ever wonder how to display all your cuttings, tiny succulents, and propagation station in a beautiful way? This month, we made a propagation mandala to fix just that. With just a few simple steps, we created an artful way to house our cuttings.

Here's how to make your own. 

Step 1: Fill your container with well- draining soil.


Step 2: Sprinkle an even coat of sand over the soil.


Step 3: Top with gravel.

Step 4: Gather the plants that you want to propagate!


Step 5: Start laying the foundation shape of your mandala. We used fairy garden “stepping stones” but anything will work; pieces of glass, small chunks of terracotta, shells, gemstones, or even colorful painted items! Get creative!


Step 6: Start snipping! You can gently pull leaves off or snip the tips depending on what varieties you are working with. For the crassula pictured below, we wanted to get a nice, clean cut from the top.


Step 7: Create the design of your mandala. There you have it! The completed propagation mandala.


We checked back a few weeks later and look: tiny roots!

The propagation mandala serves as a creative outlet, a beautiful art piece, and a highly functional and purposeful place for all your baby succulents to thrive and grow!

Julia Bell
Julia Bell


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