How to Plant a Succulent Shot Glass

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A growing crowd-pleaser has been the Succulent shot glasses. Designed as party favors for a wedding, these little containers are so fun to make and share! We also use vintage cordial glasses, candle holders, sake cups… pretty much anything looks great with a succulent arrangement in it. We take the extra step of lightly gluing the top layer of gravel to secure the arrangement for festivities and travel. Clear-drying water-soluble glue is great, as it will eventually dissolve through subsequent waterings.

~People that would like to use the plants in their gardens or other arrangements can easily pop the succulents out and clean the container for beverages or more succulents!

~This project is a great way to display material that you are rooting as well! Just skip the glue if your arrangement is not going travel.

Materials Needed

  • Shot Glass of your choice: We sell Succulent Gardens glasses, and create custom prints for weddings, corporate gifts and other occasions!) 
  • Cactus Soil
  • Sand (Try some of the fun colors available! Just make sure it contrasts with your design)
  • Glue (Any water-soluble glue will work. We used Aleene's Tacky Glue)
  • Clean Pebbles (under ~1/4" work best)
  • Your favorite 2 inch succulent plants, plugs or well-healed cuttings
  • Tools- Small spoon, small brush, (makeup & paint brushes work great), tongs
    • We sell an amazing Terrarium Tools toolkit at the nursery!

*Before you start: Mix ~1 part glue with ~5 parts water (We use 1 Tablespoon in ½ cup water for small batches) in a small container, add ~ 2 cups rinsed pebbles and stir thoroughly to make sure all the rocks become saturated. Try a small batch first to see what works for you!

Step 1: Fill shot glass with dry sand (easier to work with, and keeps the glass clean)

Step 2: Water the sand lightly (we find a spray bottle works best)

Step 3: Create a hole for the soil


Step 4: Break up the root ball and situate the plant inside in the glass within the soil using a chopstick, fondue fork or tiny terrarium spade

Step 5: Once the plant feels secure, cover the soil with sand and fill the rest of the glass with the glue/rocks mix

Step 6: Lightly water to solidify your creation


Step 7: Gently brush off excess soil, pat down rocks, and wipe any excess glue off the rim and enjoy!

Want to plant your own? Shop for cuttings in our online store. 

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Awesome, great idea to use those shot glasses in a creative manner. Loved the post, appreciate your hard-work. I’ve found some cool shot glasses here:

Scott Sprouse

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