How to Plant a Succulent Shot Glass

A growing crowd-pleaser has been the Succulent shot glasses. Designed as party favors for a wedding, these little containers are so fun to make and share! We also use vintage cordial glasses, candle holders, sake cups… pretty much anything looks great with a succulent arrangement in it. We take the extra step of lightly gluing the top layer of gravel to secure the arrangement for festivities and travel. Clear-drying water-soluble glue is great, as it will eventually dissolve through subsequent waterings.

~People that would like to use the plants in their gardens or other arrangements can easily pop the succulents out and clean the container for beverages or more succulents!

~This project is a great way to display material that you are rooting as well! Just skip the glue if your arrangement is not going travel.

Materials Needed

  • Shot Glass of your choice: We sell Succulent Gardens glasses, and create custom prints for weddings, corporate gifts and other occasions!) 
  • Cactus Soil
  • Sand (Try some of the fun colors available! Just make sure it contrasts with your design)
  • Glue (Any water-soluble glue will work. We used Aleene's Tacky Glue)
  • Clean Pebbles (under ~1/4" work best)
  • Your favorite 2 inch succulent plants, plugs or well-healed cuttings
  • Tools- Small spoon, small brush, (makeup & paint brushes work great), tongs
    • We sell an amazing Terrarium Tools toolkit at the nursery!

*Before you start: Mix ~1 part glue with ~5 parts water (We use 1 Tablespoon in ½ cup water for small batches) in a small container, add ~ 2 cups rinsed pebbles and stir thoroughly to make sure all the rocks become saturated. Try a small batch first to see what works for you!

Step 1: Fill shot glass with dry sand (easier to work with, and keeps the glass clean)

Step 2: Water the sand lightly (we find a spray bottle works best)

Step 3: Create a hole for the soil


Step 4: Break up the root ball and situate the plant inside in the glass within the soil using a chopstick, fondue fork or tiny terrarium spade

Step 5: Once the plant feels secure, cover the soil with sand and fill the rest of the glass with the glue/rocks mix

Step 6: Lightly water to solidify your creation


Step 7: Gently brush off excess soil, pat down rocks, and wipe any excess glue off the rim and enjoy!

Want to plant your own? Shop for cuttings in our online store. 

Julia Bell
Julia Bell


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