Indoor Succulent Shade Gardens: Recipes for Success

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Recipe for Indoor Arrangements: Tall + Round + Full

We've been focusing a lot on shade combinations here at Succulent Gardens. That's because not everyone has burning hot sun for growing plants, and not everyone can grow succulents outside year-round. We've created a foolproof recipe for indoor shade succulent gardens. 

All you have to do is pick a plant from each category and, voila! You have a gorgeous container garden. 

Pictured below: Zamioculcas zamiifolia, peperomia, hoya, sansevieria, and sedum burrito.

Vertical Plants

These plants give an arrangement height and contrast with lower plants.

Aloe Vera

Crassula conjuncta-Ivory Towers

Crassula muscosa pseudo lycopodioides

Kalanchoe tubiflora

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Rosette Accents

Including a tight aeonium or haworthia rosette provides a focal point for the composition.


Aloe aristata



Pictured below: Aloe vera, haworthia, and tradescantia.

Filler & Spiller plants

These plants have broader leaves or a horizontal growing habit and provide a beautiful variety of texture and color to your arrangement.


Kalanchoe tomentosa



Scilla violacea

Sedum burrito or Sedum morganianum

Senecio rowleyanus (String of Pearls)

Shop the Shade Corner

To make it easier than ever for you to plant your own shade gardens we've put together a section of the nursery specifically stocked with the plants you need to create!

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Thank you! It’s so rare to find shade succulents listed or displayed separately. This will be super-helpful!


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