Succulents We Love: Sticks of Fire

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Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks of Fire' (or 'Sticks on Fire')

4-8' tall by 3-5' wide, cold-hearty to around 30˚F, best color in full sun.

A favorite foundation plant for moderate height and hot color in containers and landscape compositions, Sticks of Fire holds its most flaming color in the winter months. I love using this dense, textural plant to maintain year-round color and interest in the landscape.

Around the nursery, it is catching my eye in a few locations:

I love how the color pairs with the coral paint of this retail display, and the blue trim matches the sky!

Our bowl planter 'Fire & Ice' is an exercise in contrast, showing off the cool Dwarf Blue Pickle (Senecio serpens, aka 'Blue Chalksticks') with the Sticks of Fire blazing in the center. Driftwood pieces subtly adorn the arrangement, and tie in the matte texture and color of the container.

One of our extravaganza gardens by Michael and Danielle Romero of 'Succulent Designs' (Montebello, CA) takes advantage of the coral color and texture, literally! Sticks of Fire is a natural in the Under-Sea Garden. As eye-catching as this plant is, here we also have an example of it as a team-player, providing perfect backdrop for Aloe plicatillis (Fan Aloe): placing dense, warm hues behind structural blue-green leaves creates drama, and complements the flower color during it's early-spring season.

SAFETY NOTE: As with other euphorbias, exercise caution when handling these plants; the milky sap is sticky and irritating if it comes into contact with skin. It can stain clothing, and I always like to clean it from my tools with alcohol after pruning.

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