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GardenTribe is the place to take online gardening classes, and it's based close to Succulent Gardens in the Bay Area. They have classes from experts from all over, though. You can purchase and stream the classes on your computer at home. 

Recently GardenTribe was featured in a New York Times article about online learning. 


Taking the class about growing succulents (taught by Robin Stockwell) actually changed this person's life! 

Lucky for you, when you purchase a living picture kit or wreath from Succulent Gardens, you will receive a link to take an exclusive free class from GardenTribe that teaches you how to plant your succulent living picture or succulent wreath. 

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Learn about Landscaping with Succulents

Want to learn about landscaping with succulents? GardenTribe put together a great short video with Robin that gives the basics of succulent plant selection, planting, and care. You can watch that on our "Landscaping" page. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Learn about landscaping with succulents >>

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