Make a Happy New Year for Succulents Used in Holiday Decor

Now that the holidays are past, are you wondering what to do with the succulents in your mini-trees and other decorations? Here are a few tips:

*Fill containers with a good cactus/succulent mix soil like what we sell at the nursery (for $3 a bag).

*Remove the succulents from the mini-tree or other decorative item one at a time. Check to see if they've already begun rooting into the object they were on, but if they have, it's no problem to gently pull them off of it.

*Place the succulents on the soil surface in the containers. Put the containers in an indoor space that has approximately the same light conditions as, or only a little more light than, the room they were in during the holidays.

*Moisten the plants but be careful not to over-water them.

*Within two to four weeks, the plants should be rooted into their new pots. At that point, you can start moving them into brighter light gradually, over the course of a few weeks or a month.

*Don't expose them to hot sun or wind until they've been in pots for a few months, in April or May.

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