Wholesale Application

<<Click Here for Our Wholesale Application>>

Benefits of Wholesaler Status

  • Ever-changing plant mixes.
  • Retail-quality assortments.
  • Barcoded labels.
  • Weekly availability email. (You will be added after you qualify as a wholesaler.)
  • Flexible delivery options.

    Wholesale Sizes

    Assortments or full flats of the following pot sizes, available for delivery or pick-up:

    • two inch
    • four inch
    • six inch
    • one gallon
    • two gallon
    • 5 gallon
    • 10 gallon
    • 15 gallon
    • specimen-sized material

    In addition, we supply creative vertical gardening containers, including locally-made redwood planters, wreath frames and planted wreaths, living pictures, and more.

    Flexible Delivery Options

    We offer flexible and affordable shipping options. We have a delivery truck that services the Bay Area weekly, and we offer palletized shipping throughout the West Coast that can be delivered on short notice. Our weekly truck can deliver to your door with a $400 minimum. Smaller orders can be picked up at coordinated drop-points off major expressways throughout the Bay Area.

    Requirements to Qualify

    • You must fill out the wholesale application below and attach relevant documents. A California resale certificate can be found here.
    • Your initial order must exceed $200, and your following orders must meet our $100 minimum.
    • You must order at least once every 6 months.

    <<Click Here for Our Wholesale Application>>


    Your business must be plant-related! If you sell sculptures, wine, home interior design services, etc... we will not qualify you. We reserve the right to make that decision.


    Email us at wholesale@sgplants.com or call us at 831.632.0482, and we will be happy to help!