Specimen Plants

Landscape with Show-Stopping Succulents

The landscape has changed. Your customers want a sustainable, modern and low-maintenance landscape.

Source your next sustainable landscape project from Succulent Gardens. Start your project with a mature agave, a tree aloe or another large succulent showpiece to anchor your landscape. Create a stunning border of Aloe spinosissima with striking spikes of red blooms that attract hummingbirds in droves.

Come to the nursery and tour our demonstration gardens and get some inspiration for your next landscape project.  Give us a call before you swing by and make an appointment with one of our in-house succulent design experts to get some advice on plant selection for your next project.

  • Aeonium Sunburst
  • Agave "Blue Flame"
  • Agave "Blue Glow"
  • Agave "Kara's Stripes"
  • Agave "Nova"
  • Agave American Mediopicta
  • Agave Attenuata
  • Agave Attenuata "Nova"
  • Agave Attenuata Variegata
  • Agave Franzosinii
  • Agave Geminiflora
  • Agave Jaws
  • Agave Mediopicta
  • Agave Salmiana var. Ferox
  • Agave Titanota
  • Agave Weberi
  • Aloe Africanus
  • Aloe Bainesii
  • Aloe Distans
  • Aloe Hercules
  • Aloe Plicatillis
  • Aloe Speciosa
  • Aloe Spinosissima
  • Aloe Striata
  • Aloe Vaombe
  • Echinocactus Grusonii
  • Trichocereus terscheckii
  • Myrtillocactus geometricians cristata
  • Opuntia Robusta