How to Plant Your Redwood Succulent Planter

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Select your succulent plant material.

Fill bottom of your frame with moss.  Create a nice base layer that will keep soil from falling out of the bottom of the frame.

How to Plant A Succulent Vertical Planter | Succulent Gardens

Fill frame to the top with soil.  Level out the soil and pack it down a bit.

How to Plant a Succulent Vertical Planter | Succulent Gardens

Choose one of your plants.  Over the compost, gently pull the plant out of the pot, loosen up the root ball a bit, and dump the extra soil in the compost.

Begin planting your frame.  Dig a hole for you first plant, and using your fingers or a chopstick firmly press the plant’s roots into the frame.

How to Plant a Vertical Succulent Planter | Succulent Gardens

Select your next plant and prepare it for planting, again by gently removing it from the pot, loosening the root ball and dumping the extra soil in the compost.

Plant your second plant by creating a hole next to your first plant.  Firmly press the second plant’s roots into the frame, and gently push the plants together.

Continue planting following this process until the frame is full.

Using your chopstick, press all the roots and loose soil firmly down into the frame.

Take some moss and, using your hands, roll it into a long roll.  Tuck the roll of moss into one of the edges of the frame.

Redwood Succulent Planter | California Planter | Succulent Gardens

Continue rolling moss and tucking it into the frame until all the edges are covered.  Use the chopstick to gently push all the plants in the frame together towards the middle so the end result is tight and stable.

How to Plant a Succulent Vertical Frame | Succulent Gardens

Your freshly planted frame will need to spend a couple weeks laying horizontally before it is ready to be hung on a wall.  Find an area with dappled sun or a half-day of sun.  Allow the plant material to dry in between waterings.  Generally, that is about once a week.  When it is warm and the plants are in their growing season, however, you may want to water the plants twice a week.  When you water, water until the entire frame is soaked, and water runs out the bottom of the frame.

After a couple weeks, make sure that the plants are tight and secure, and if you would like, the frame can be hung on a wall.  If you find any loose material, firmly press the roots into the frame and secure the plants with additional moss if needed.  Ideally, the light conditions should be similar -- dappled sun or about a half day of sun.  To water the frame, lay it horizontal and water thoroughly.


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