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Shhhh. . . It's a Secret

secret flower show

How can we top The Cube at the 2010 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show? Well, we're working on it and you'll find out. . . eventually. We are developing a project for the 2013 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show and will be releasing more information as we progress.
Plant of the Month: Jovibarba heuffelii

Our plant of the month, Jovibarba heuffelii (which I refer to as Heufelii) looks very much like Sempervivum, but can be easily distinguished by the way in which the plants produce their offsets. This link has helpful information describing the propagation of these plants.


Like Sempervivum, Heuffelii are quite colorful and hardy. They work well sandwiched between rocks and in low-growing mosaics.


Below: Heuffelii 'Purple Haze'

Below: Heuffelii 'Chocolato'

Below: Heuffelii 'Dante's Inferno'

Below: Heuffelii 'Inferno'

The photo below shows four Heuffelii at the top of the plant groupings with about 20 Sempervivum below.

Retail Details: Say it with Plants



As I sit here on a beautiful summer day at the nursery, it occurs to me that it is already August! We are so accustomed to fog this time of year and sunny warm days like today in September and October (just in time for Extravaganza!) Simone and I, along with our new employee Cody, are working hard to get the retail area perfect!

Last week our friend Brian with Living Creations dropped off the first half of an order I had placed for letters and numbers. We will be planting some soon. If you have a word or address number you would like planted give us a call! The unplanted letters are $80 to $100 depending on complexity.

Watch out!

Come join us in a tribute to more beautiful summer days at Succulent Gardens. Come in on Tuesday or Thursday to meet Cody, whose enthusiasm is contagious. There's a rumor Robin's original reason to hire him was so that Cody would let Robin have more waves when surfing.
Or, come in on Friday or Saturday and watch Simone work wonders with containers and succulents.

Happy Summer~

Visit the Nursery!

Retail: Tuesday - Saturday 9-4
Wholesale: Monday - Saturday 8-4

We always look forward to seeing you, so come when you can! Feel free to check in with us before your visit, by calling or dropping us a line! info@sgplants.com

Summer at Succulent Gardens


Agaves All Aglow


I never get tired of watching the display gardens we plant grow into beautiful weaves of color. In August 2010, we planted a new bed of Agave 'Blue Glow'. I had never grown this plant before and did not know what to expect.
Below: Preparing to plant.
Agave Blue Glow New Plants

Two years later, the bed has grown in to create an amazingly beautiful tapestry. I now have to decide if I want to dig the plants or to let the garden grow another year before doing so. I will probably wait until after Extravaganza, then dig the garden and replant.

Below: Agave 'Blue Glow' two years after planting.
Agave Blue Glow
New Article on SGPlants.com
My latest article features photos from a recent presentation I did at Heather Farmwith Debra Prinzing.
Below: Debra Prinzing and Robin Stockwell presenting at Heather Farm.
Once a Mentor, Always a Mentor
I was invited to share in the celebration of my good friend Ron Mickelsen's 80th birthday this month. Ron is the owner and founder of Half Moon Bay Nursery and has been my mentor since I was a freshman at Half Moon Bay High School. He has been more responsible than anyone for my continued growth in the nursery industry.

Below: Ron Mickelsen second person from the right, with friends and family at his recent birthday.
Upcoming Classes at Filoli
We have Living Wreath and a Living Picture classes coming up this week and in September at Filoli. To learn more and to register click here.

The Extravaganza is Coming! Will you be there?
Friday, September 28 & Saturday, September 29
Friday 9am-4pm, Bar-b-que 4pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Please watch for more information about specific seminar times coming soon.

The Extravaganza speaker schedule along with a detailed hour by hour description of the event will be sent as an email blast in two weeks. If you did not receive our prior announcement of who the speakers are along with descriptions of their topics, follow this link:
Growing Tip: Summer Succulent Care
Depending on your watering practices, succulents will often go to sleep during the hotter, drier months of the year. The less you water, the more this will be noticeable as the plants shed leaves, shrivel, and take on a neglected look. In most cases, this is a natural process, and the plants will bounce back as fall brings cooler temperatures and shorter days.

Remember, these plants are used to periods of drought and neglect. Learning to go with the flow is an important part of succulent gardening. Enjoy your summer!

Happy Holidays and Thank You
from Succulent Gardens
All of us at Succulent Gardens want you to know how special it is that we get to do what we do. We also realize, without you, our customers, we would not have this opportunity.
Thank you all so very much and may you all have a fulfilling holiday season. May your 2013 be filled with passion and, of course succulents, lots of succulents!
Cheers to the New Year!
Robin, Tiffany, Ari, Cody, Simone, and everyone at Succulent Gardens
The Crew
The Crew (minus Robin-the photographer-and Simone)
What's Happening Around the Nursery

Just because the weather has cooled off, the crew doesn't slow down! Here's a peek behind the scenes featuring our great crew!


Juana and Elsa planted some colorful containers:

Ari, Cody, and Abeg are moving the world:



Elsa and Juana just keep on planting, so succulents can cover the world:


Marisol is making our plants look beautiful:

planting 2


Tiffany and Cody are getting the shipping orders out:


Winter Hours and Holiday Closings

The Nursery has winter hours in effect until April 2, 2013. With the holidays approaching, we also have some closings to report.
--We close the nursery during high winds. Please give us a call if you're planning to head our way to make sure we're open!
Regular Winter Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-3:30 pm. We lock the Nursery promptly at 4pm.
Monday-Friday 9am-3:30pm
Christmas Hours
Closed December 23-January 1

Robin Says "Merry Christmas!"
And Happy New Year!