Around the Nursery August 2015

Around The Nursery

There's always a new project taking shape at Succulent Gardens! Our retail team and design team have been hosting classes, creating new collections, and sprucing up the retail area ahead of Extravaganza. We've also hat lots of visitors to the gardens. Here's what's happening!

'Dressing up the Distressed' : a Lovely hanging planter brightens the rustic textures on an old building in Repurposed Riot (by Julia Bell and the Succulent Gardens Design Team)

Great crowd at Simone's last container gardening class of the summer!

Gorgeous outdoor mantlepiece container created by Simone! The outdoor fireplace deserves to be dressed up, too! Planted with Echeveria 'gilva' and Sedum dasyphyllum ‘Major’.

New additions to Repurposed Riot, utilizing fun new 'found and funky' objects

Echeveria Extravaganza

Senecio serpens in Steve Sutherland's wave... soon to get a facelift for Extravaganza 2015 since our Wave has blown out a little!


The Monterey Bay Master Gardeners met for their Quarterly Meeting here at the Succulent Gardens. Robin and Julia gave them a tour of the Landscapes, and we started talking 2015 Succulent Extravaganza Volunteers! (Enter plug for volunteers!) Gift cards, Extravaganza Tshirt, etc for volunteers, blah blah blah
Contact for Volunteer info