Succulent Container Garden | Succulent Centerpiece

Beautiful succulent container gardens planted in reclaimed wood troughs.  Perfect for your next dinner party, festive gathering or just to add a little green to your home or yard.

The 17" trough is planted with roughly 15 assorted succulents, which vary seasonally and based on availability, and top-dressed with moss.

We offer two different options - a low-light assortment and a outdoor assortment.  The low light assortment will focus on Haworthia, Gasteria, Aloes and other plant material that doesn't mind spending time indoors.  The outdoor assortment will be colorful and will want about a half day of sunlight to stay happy.

Your centerpiece will be planted to order, so please give us about a week after you order prior to when we will ship your centerpiece.  Thank you!

Feel free to call the nursery at 831-632-0482 if you have specific questions or if you would like to place a volume order for your next event.

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