Modular Wall Panel - 8" x 18.5" (Unplanted)

This modular panel is our favorite canvas to use to create succulent art.  We love its versatility and simplicity!

This modular wall panel is 8" x 18.5" and consists of 10 cells that are 4" deep.  Each cell is set at a 45 degree angle and has notches in the bottom surface of the cell to allow for drainage and aeration.

There is a collection chamber at the top of each panel to collect water from an irrigation emitter line and to direct it into each of the cells of the panel.  There is a drip edge at the bottom of each panel to allow the excess water to drip away.  The panel also includes a moisture mat that allows the panel to wick water to all sections of individual cells, reducing watering requirements.

The panel includes a mounting bracket.

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