Agave americana medio picta 'alba'

A striking specimen plant for the landscape, Agava americana 'Mediopicta' has long, stiff, variegated green and cream striped leaves with a wicked terminal spine and serrated edges. Grows to between 3-5 feet tall and wide, so leave space for it to grow and/or plan to remove companion plants as the Agave needs more room. Sap can cause allergic reactions in people.

Growing conditions

Light: Full sun

Hardiness: 15 degrees Fahrenheit

Maintenance considerations

Highly drought-tolerant. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil. Take care when working around the plant as "pokes" from the plant can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Companion plants

Senecio, Sticks-on-fire, and ornamental grasses are all excellent companion plants. Because of the leaf variegation, stick to companions with solid-colored foliage if you want the Agave to stand out.

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Category: Agave

Type: Agave