Interested in growing succulents? Want to learn more about propagating native succulents to incorporate in your garden? We have the talk for you! Dudleya, a genera in which many species are endemic to California, are easy to grow but take a little more know-how when it comes to propagation. Learn the ins and outs of our Dudleya program here at the nursery with grower, Allana Childs. You will learn how we harvested our seeds, get an inside look at our seed house, and explore the entire growing process from propagation to ready-for-sale.

From the Tour website:

Come visit the beautiful blooms of the Monterey Bay! Ever wonder what beauty lies behind the glass in a greenhouse?

Now’s your chance during the 9th Annual Monterey Bay Greenhouse Growers Open House on June 8th!

There will be an array of flowers, herbs, and plants to see ranging from orchids and roses to gerberas, succulents, edible herbs and more while touring these Monterey Bay farms. Enjoy these guided tours with the growers themselves as you learn about growing CA GROWN flowers, herbs, and plants for commercial purposes. Information will include several areas such as propagation, fertilizing, pest control, harvesting, etc. We recommend you wear comfortable shoes and layered clothing as many of these tours will involve walking through greenhouses or growing areas and vary in temperatures. This event is FREE and open to the public thanks to our sponsors.

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