Aloe spinosissima

Aloe spinosissima is a hybrid of Aloe arborescens and Aloe humilis. Sometimes called the "spider aloe" or "gold tooth aloe." Forms clumps in the landscape. Fleshy leaves with soft spines narrow to a point, growing upright and then gently curving down at the tips. Blooms with spikes of reddish-pink tubular flowers in the winter. Clumps grow to be 3 feet tall by 3-5 feet wide.

Growing conditions

Light: Full sun

Hardiness: 25 degrees Fahrenheit

Maintenance considerations

Cut off flower heads after the plant finished bloom. You can divide the plants if the clump gets to be too large. 

Companion plants

Because this type of plant forms large clumps in the landscape, it is best to plant it where it can spread out. The leaf shape and color contrasts with "roundy moundy" types of plants. It looks beautiful planted with finely textured, drought-tolerant ornamental grasses.