Assorted Wreath Cuttings

Wreath cuttings are comprised of a mix of succulents we use to plant the wreaths, predominantly Crassula and Sedum with accents of Aeonium, Echeveria, and Graptopetalum. This mix is forever changing based on what we are growing. If you have specific desires or requests, please contact us before ordering.

  • 10" cuttings contains 115 cuttings
  • 12" cuttings contains 140 cuttings
  • 14" cuttings contains 160 cuttings
  • 16" cuttings contains 200 cuttings
  • 18" cuttings contains 230 cuttings

These are fresh cuttings, cut to order.  

Please note if you would like to purchase at the nursery, please give us 24 hour notice by calling ahead!  We need time to cut the plants before you arrive.  Thank you!


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