Agave 'Blue Flame'

Agave ‘Blue Flame’ is named for its glaucous, blue-hued leaves common to many agaves, but also for its shape. Its gently curving leaves resemble the flames of a gaslight. Leaves are bluest when young, becoming gradually greener as they age. The leaf margins are finely serrated, with a reddish-brown stripe along the edge and a terminal spine. Leaf margins appear to glow when backlit by sunlight. Mature plants are large rosettes between three and five feet tall and wide. Richer soils will produce taller bloom stalks.

Growing conditions

Light: Full to partial sun along the coast; shade from afternoon sun inland

Hardiness: 20 degrees Fahrenheit

Maintenance considerations

Agave ‘Blue Flame’ is a fast-growing agave. After flowering, the plant will produce pups that will grow in an ever-expanding clump. The pups can also be removed and re-planted elsewhere. Allow adequate room for the plant to mature when re-setting. Can benefit from supplemental water during dry, hot summers.

Companion plants

Agave ‘Blue Glow’, smaller-leafed succulents such as sedum, senecio, low-water ornamental grasses

Collections: Agave, Large Succulent Specimen Plants

Category: Agave, Specimen

Type: Unknown Type