Aeonium 'Sunburst'

Grow Aeonium 'Sunburst' for its large (dinner plate sized) gorgeous rosettes of variegated light green and cream foliage on long, bare stems. In full sun, the leaves will develop a reddish tinge. Can bloom with yellow flowers during the winter to early spring. 

Growing conditions

Full sun in well-drained soil. Water during first year to establish. Grows well in coastal areas.

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Hardiness: 28 degrees Fahrenheit

Maintenance considerations

Will go dormant during hot, dry summers. Leaves may fall completely off the plant. Can cut, allow to callus, and re-set if plants get too large.

Companion plants

Grow alongside other aeoniums with different leaf colors and smaller-sized rosettes. Also looks great with agaves. You can plant solid green, blue, or gray groundcover succulents around Aeonium 'Sunburst' to provide a backdrop for the spectacular foliage.

Collections: Aeonium, Large Succulent Specimen Plants

Type: Unknown Type