Specimen Plants

Landscape with Show-Stopping Succulents

The landscape has changed. Your customers want a sustainable, modern and low-maintenance landscape.

Source your next sustainable landscape project from Succulent Gardens. Start your project with a mature agave, a tree aloe or another large succulent showpiece to anchor your landscape. Create a stunning border of Aloe spinosissima with striking spikes of red blooms that attract hummingbirds in droves.

  • Aeonium Sunburst
  • Agave "Blue Flame"
  • Agave "Blue Glow"
  • Agave "Kara's Stripes"
  • Agave "Nova"
  • Agave American Mediopicta
  • Agave Attenuata
  • Agave Attenuata "Nova"
  • Agave Attenuata Variegata
  • Agave Franzosinii
  • Agave Geminiflora
  • Agave Jaws
  • Agave Mediopicta
  • Agave Salmiana var. Ferox
  • Agave Titanota
  • Agave Weberi
  • Aloe Africanus
  • Aloe Bainesii
  • Aloe Distans
  • Aloe Hercules
  • Aloe Plicatillis
  • Aloe Speciosa
  • Aloe Spinosissima
  • Aloe Striata
  • Aloe Vaombe
  • Echinocactus Grusonii
  • Trichocereus terscheckii
  • Myrtillocactus geometricians cristata
  • Opuntia Robusta