Succulent Gardens Introduces Julia Bell as new Creative Director

We are excited to announce that Julia Bell is joining the team as Creative Director.

"We're bringing Julia on board to build a bridge to our landscape clients," says co-owner Megan Rodkin. "She will help us define and round out our landscape inventory and be a resource for landscape professionals who need help incorporating succulent plants into their designs, or those who are new to designing waterwise gardens."

Adding Julia to the team is part of our initiative to make it easier for industry professionals to expand their businesses through the use of succulent plants. Interest in this plant category has been on a steady uptick for years, and is reaching a fever pitch with extended droughty conditions throughout the west. Gardening publications feature succulents more often than not, creating a demand for quality plant material presented in an aesthetically pleasing way and integrated with other waterwise plants. That's where Julia's design expertise will come in handy--bridging the gap between plant production, design inspiration, and practical application. In the future, Julia will be leading workshops and lectures specifically for industry professionals seeking to learn more about designing with succulents.

Many of you met Julia during the 2014 Extravaganza. She designed several of the display gardens, including the Aloe, Agave, Aeonium landscape, the Echeveria Extravaganza, and the gardens around the speaker pavilion and south side of the barn.

Succulent GardensShe originally became involved with Succulent Gardens when Robin sent out the "Help Wanted" email last spring. He was looking for retail staff, but Julia had other things in mind. "I could tell there were big things going on at the Nursery, and I was searching for collaboration and networking opportunities, so I sent in my resume to Robin. We got together and just clicked, starting with work on site leading up to the Extravaganza. Succulent gardens has a reputation as a horticultural destination on the California central coast, especially with installations such as the globe, the diverse display gardens, and now the heart. I am excited to blur the lines between landscape and art through innovative use of this fabulous plant material! “

Julia has been working in the landscape design business in the Monterey Bay area for the past 15 years, and is the owner of Bell & Flourish Design Collective in Santa Cruz. She has a background in botany, landscape design, and fine art, with an interest in native ecology. She pursued her formal education at UCSC, receiving a BA in Art, and BA in Biology, as well as through Cabrillo and West Valley College where she studied Landscape Design & Architecture, Horticulture, Engineering Technology, and Graphic Design.

In addition to serving landscape professionals, Julia will be working on a variety of initiatives around the Nursery, including special events, on-site gardens, collaborations with outside organizations, and new projects.

Her experience and connections in the area will be a big asset to our customers and we're excited to have her on board!

Succulent Gardens
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