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February 25, 2013

Robin Stockwell


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Last weekend, I delivered a talk about growing Succulents in the Northwest.

I wanted to make sure that anyone who did not have a chance to attend, or who did not get a handout, could access the information here.

Northwest Flower and Garden Show – 2013

Succulent Survival in the Pacific Northwest – Landscaping and Over Wintering.

“…Aloe striatula will thrive to become a spectacular long lived addition to you garden …, but if it doesn’t survive, you will receive accreditation as a bona fide plant maniac just for trying.” Ciscoe, Ask Ciscoe

Succulent Gardens (located on the Monterey Bay)

            2133 Elkhorn Rd.

            Castroville, Ca. 95012

            Phone: (831) 632-0482 Fax: (831) 633-5280

            Email: [email protected]

            Website: www.sgplants.com

            Pinterest: pinterest.com/source/sgplants.com/

            Facebook: Succulent.Gardens.Nursery



Rudolf Schulz, Succulents: Care and Health

Succulent Propagation

Debra Baldwin, Designing With Succulents

Container Gardening with Succulents

Gwen Moore Kalaides, Hardy Succulents for Every Climate


Succulent Gardens: www.sgplants.com

San Marcos Growers: www.smgrowers.com

Cascade Cactus and Succulent Society: www.cascadecss.org

About Succulents

1.)    Apply what you know

2.)    Diversity

3.)    Soil, water, temperature, exposure, general care, bugs and diseases

4.)    Handling

5.)    Selection (see list of hardy varieties)No magic bullets

What do you want to plant?

1.)    Containers.

a.     Traditional pots    

b.     Whimsy

c.     Vertical

2.)    In the groundGround

a.     Soil prep, mounding?

b.     Rocks

c.     Drop offs (Cascade Effects

3.)    Tools – Clippers etc.

4.)    Plant selection

a.     Varieties

b.     Sizes

c.     Placement

d.     Maintenance

 i.     See Care and Health

 ii.     Wintering over

Succulent Survival – Plant List for the Pacific Northwest

Aeonium haworthii, 22F

            “          “Cyclops”, 30F

            “          “Kiwi”, 30F

            “          “Starburst”, 28F

            “          “Sunburst”, 28F

            “          “Urbicum”, 28F

Aloe arborescens, 18F

  “        brevifolia, 18F

  “        ferox, 26F

  “        nobilis, 18F

  “        plicatilis, 26F

  “        saponaria, 22F

  “        spinosissima, 26F

  “        striatula, 26F

  “        striata, 26F

Beaucarnea recurvata, 25F

Crassula ‘Campfire’, 32F

     “        nudicalis platyphylla, 28F

     “        perfossa variegata, 32F

     “           pubescens, 28F

     “        tetragona, 22F

Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’

“              “           ‘Lipstick’, 22F

            “              “           ‘Martins Hybrid’

“           “               ‘Red Blush’, 22F

            “      colorata, 25F

            “      elegans, 22F

            “      ‘imbricata, 25F

            “      Pearl von Nuremberg, 32F

            “      puladonis, 25F

            “      secunda, 25F

Mesembryanthemum (miniatures) Keep dry and above freezing.


            Fenestraria aurantiaca


Pleiospilos nelii


            Trichodiadema densum

Sedum acre, 22F

     “        album muralis, 28F

     “        dasyphyllum, 25F

     “      dendroideum 

     “        hispanicum purpureum

     “        machanoi ‘Salsa Verde’, 28F

     “        morganianum, 32F

     “        nussbaunianum, 30F

     “      oxypetalum, 10F

     “      rubrotinctum, 26F

     “      seiboldii (Dissiduous) – -10F

     “        spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’, 25F

     “                     “                  purpureum, 25F

     “      spectabilis -10F (Dissiduous)

     “      spurium -10F (Dissiduous)


Sempervivum – All handle sub freezing.

            “               ‘Black Rose’

            “               ‘Commander Hay” –

            “               ‘Director Jacob’

            “               ‘Emerald Rose’

            “               ‘Giant Gray’

            “               ‘Green Rose’

            “               ‘Magnificum’         

            “               ‘Minaret’

            “               ‘Mossy Rose’

            “               ‘Purple Fuzzy’

            “               ‘Purple Ruby’  

            “               ‘Red Heart’

            “               ‘Sanford’

            “               ‘Utopian’

            “               arachnoideum

            “               purpureum

            “               soboliferum

            “               tectorum

            “                      “            calcareum

Senecio crassissimus, 32F

            “   jacobsenii, 30F

            “   mandraliscae, 30F

            “   rowleyanus, 32F

            “   vitalis, 30F


Succulents at the Show

            Bark and Garden – 4”

            The Boutchart Gardens – Hanging Basket.

            Denver Dirty Girl’s – Just liked the name.

            Molbak’s – 2”

            My Garden – Planted slipper and 4” continers.

            Ravenna Gardens – 4”

            Swansons – Sedum Sempervivum birdbath planting.

Clippers compliments of Wild Flower Seeds, Thank you.

Places to visit in California for spectacular succulent sightings.

Huntington Gardens, Southern California

Lotusland, Santa Barbara

Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek

San Diego Zoo, guess where?

Succulent Gardens Nursery, Castroville

University of California Botanical Garden, Berkeley

Robin Stockwell
Robin Stockwell